Cutting in action.
Environmental Equipment
Slagger Automatic Table Cleaning.
  • Modular design allows adaptation to required working area
  • Sectionalised extraction every 520mm controlled by pneumatic actuators allows localised extraction in the vicinity of the cutting torch and means a smaller fan / filter system to be used
  • Various work tops can be offered for different applications (oxy/fuel. plasma. laser)
  • Easy cleaning due to lift out frames and slag bins
  • Maximum plate thickness 200mm
  • Compact design allows minimum floor space requirement
  • Quick electrical connection – a three phase socket and plug are provided
  • Potential free contacts are provided which can be connected to the cutting machine so that the cutting machine starts the filter unit thereby reducing running costs
  • Exceptionally low noise level – can be as low as 65 db(A) depending on type of unit
  • Automatic cleaning of filter cartridges via rotating nozzles spraying compressed air through the cartridges, controlled by microprocessor
  • Dust collection bins for easy disposal of the filtered dust
TidyTab Fume Extraction Table.
TidyTab Fume Extraction Table.
The Slagger
EcoTab Fume Extraction Table.
Slagger Automatic Table Cleaning.
  • Table cleaning time reduced by up to 95%
  • Eliminates need to shut down the cutting process for long periods and dig the slag out of the table
  • Small parts that fall through are easily retrieved during cleaning cycle without having to reach through the table
  • Slagger cleaning time for an average size (3.7m x 15.25m) cutting table is 5 minutes, compared to 1 or 2 shifts with a conventional cutting table of the same size
  • Production is increased and costs are reduced with the Slagger's greatly reduced cleaning time and low labour requirements
  • Maximum plate thickness of 200mm
Automatic table cleaning and small parts retrieval
Improve your working environment with fume extraction cutting tables and filtration systems.
Lift-out dross box.
Optionally with grid for plates up to 12mm thick or bars for thicknesses up to 200mm.
A Breath Of Fresh Air
Lift-off table top.
"...the Messer way"
"Do it the easy way..."