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Environmental Equipment
A Breath of Fresh Air
Improve your working environment with fume extraction and filtration systems
Filter systems for efficient dust and fume extraction
  • Fume Extraction Filter.Compact design allows minimum floor space requirement
  • Quick electrical connection – a three phase socket and plug are provided
  • Potential free contacts are provided which can be connected to the cutting machine so that the cutting machine starts the filter unit thereby reducing running costs
  • Exceptionally low noise level – can be as low as 65 db(A) depending on type of unit
  • Automatic cleaning of filter cartridges via rotating nozzles spraying compressed air through the cartridges, controlled by microprocessor
  • Dust collection bins for easy disposal of the filtered dust
Used in conjunction with a downdraft fume extraction table the filters can be used to keep the work area clean of dust and fume. Suitable for use with plasma, oxyfuel and laser cutting.
  • Fully integrated system with damper valve, range of fan motors, factory pre-wiring, cleaning mechanism and Torit control board
  • Simple to change flame retardant cartridge filters
  • Compressed  air pulsed cleaning facility •Integrated heavy particles drop out box
  • Easily removable dust collection boxes
  • 99.999% efficient filtration on 0.5micron particles

Options include:

  • Outdoor paintwork
  • Explosion relief, necessary for cutting aluminium and some other non-ferrous materials