Cutting in action.
  • Cutting widths up to 2.5 mtr.
  • Cutting Speeds up to 10 mtr/min.
  • Cutting thickness up to 200mm.
  • Up to four oxy-fuel cutting heads.
  • Automatic hole piercing system.
  • One standard plasma system.
  • Cutting Processes: Oxy-fuel, Dry Plasma.
  • Marking Processes: HF Punch, Powder Marking
  • The powerful Global S control.
Robust construction, easy operation and high flexibility. The ComCut® is conceived for the harsh everyday life of a cutting system.

With up to four cutting torches, a series of standard shapes which are found in practical applications and options such as "Teach Trace" and cutting programs created by off-line programming.

The ComCut® is the ideal production tool for your daily requirements.
...the CNC machine for the practical man