Multitherm Eco Optimised cutting productivity due to a high level of automation.   Easy setup and operation ensures quality components - quickly and economically. The symmetric wheel-housings and parking space for temporarily unused heads optimise the working width. The combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting processes cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks.
  • Work area: 2000mm x 4000mm
  • Global Control S touch screen CNC control with network card & cable
  • Automatic setting of voltage and current from process database
  • Laser diode for ease of torch positioning & plate alignment
  • Rigid portal bridge design with twin side rack & pinion AC digital drive 12m/min
  • 6m track with drive racks for mounting onto HEB beams
  • OmniFlow CNC gas pressure & flow regulation system
  • 1 – TL170 torch lifter with ALFA gas cutting torch with internal flame ignition & magnetic through the nozzle height sensing & quick release consumables
  • 1- OmniLift 200S torch lifter with anti-glare screen and initial height sensing with collision protection
  • Plasma interlock for one power supply
  • - Hypertherm HPR260XD hyperformance fine jet plasma cutting & marking system with automatic gas console and quick change torch head
  • Safety string on front & rear of machine & safety foot switches on wheel housing
  • 6m cable drag chain system
  • OmniWin 3 CADNest offline programming software
  • Progres – Standard fume extraction cutting table 2100mm x 4000mm with plate stops & catching grid
  • Fine dust filter system ZLine 6 ZDC with remote control and fume table interlock
  • Delivery, installation, commissioning & training
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