Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg HiFocus 440i
Plasma cutting unit with PLUS technology.

Unmatched flexibility with new high precision plasma cutting machine for CNC guided cutting of electrical conductive materials. HiFocus 440i
  • Mild steel from 0.5 up to 80 mm material thickness with HiFocus PLUS technology
  • Stainless steel from 0.5 up to 100 mm thickness with HiFocus PLUS technology – virtually dross free up to 70 mm
  • Recommended cutting range from
    • 1,0 up to 80 (stainless steel) and
    • 0,5 up to 60 mm (mild steel)
  • Piercing up to 50 mm
  • Marking and punching on highest level
  • High lifetime of consumables using YellowXLife™
Power source HiFocus 440i
  • Highest flexibility with only one power source from 0.5 up to 100 mm thickness (marking with same torch is possible)
  • Worldwide strongest high precision plasma cutting machine
  • Extended HiFocus cutting range
  • Stainless steel almost dross free up to 70 mm
  • Higher cutting speeds more productivity
  • Ideal power source for industrial applications, steel producer and steel service centres
  • Flexible adaptation to two or three dimensional guiding systems, as there are robots, profile cutting machines or tube cutting machines
Plasma torch PerCut 370
  • Well established plasma machine torch PerCut 370 M with quick-change head
  • Flexible application by fast retooling of the torch with heads for cutting up to 160 A respectively up to 440 A
  • Cutting and marking with same consumables
  • Longevity of consumables by direct torch cooling, swirl-gas technology and second-gas ignition
  • Torch cooling with external cooling unit
  • Long consumable life with YellowXLife™ technology

Percut 370 with head 370.1 M
PerCut 370 with head 370.1 M up to 160 A
PerCut 370 with head 370.2 M up to 440 A
Percut 370 with head 370.2 M
Gas controls
  • Manual gas control for cutting with air or oxygen
  • Manual multi-gas control for cutting of all materials
  • Automatic gas console “FlowControl 3” with plasma gas valve unit (PGV 3) and control board (PGC).
  • Process stability due to real flow controlled plasma gases
  • Integrated cutting chart data bank (PGV 3/PGC)
PGE 3-360 PGE 360 FlowControl PGV 3
Manual Gas Console
PGE 3-360
Manual Multi-Gas Console
Automatic Gas Console

Technical data:

Mains voltage (V) 380/400/440/480 (3 ph) (50 Hz) *
Fuse, slow (A) 200
Connecting power (kVA) 136
Protection class - IP 22
Open circuit voltage (V) 400
Cutting current
- Plasma cutting
- Marking
(A) 10 - 440A (step-less); 200V, 440A /100% ED
5 - 50A (step-less)
Cutting thickness
- Mild Steel
- Stainless Steel
(mm) 0.5 up to 80mm
1.0 up to 100mm
Plasma gases - Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon/Hydrogen
Marking gas - Argon
Swirl gases - Oxygen/Nitrogen, Nitrogen, F5
Clamping diameter of torch (mm) 58mm / 50.8mm (for rotator)
Cooling - Fluid (Kjellfrost)
Ignition - High voltage
Weight (kg) 589
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1030 x 680 x 1450

* Other voltages and frequencies on request