Kjellberg Plasma Systems.
Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Overview
Insist on genuine Kjellberg consumables.
HiFocus Plus
The only way to ensure maximum performance.

They may copy the parts, but not the results.

Performance begins with technology...

Founded in 1922 by Oscar Kjellberg. The name stands for the striving towards the highest technical knowledge in thermal cutting and joining for the benefit of our customers. This benefit is reflected in the excellent quality of the results and outstanding efficiency of the equipment

If you are not using genuine Kjellberg parts, you cannot be receiving these benefits:
Kjellberg Consumables
HiFocus means
  • Plasma machine torch of the PerCut series ensure through new beam generation system for a stable plasma arc.

  • Longevity of consumables by water cooling.

  • Enlargement of range of action up to 55 m by hose parcel extension and plasma ignition unit.

  • Step-less gas control allows the optimum influencing of the cutting process.

  • Special torches (short or/and inclined models) are available for the different applications (for example tube cutting from inside).

  • Quick change torch with bayonet joint.

 HiFocus PLUS technology has been developed for the cutting of mild steel.

PLUS technology stands for
  • Noticeably better cutting quality

  • Higher cutting speed

  • A greater application range
...And it ends with quality

In addition to technological innovation, manufacturing excellence is critical if you want the consistent cut quality and performance you deserve. Kjellberg is a world-class manufacturer whose systems have been developed to ensure every consumable we sell meets your exacting standards.

A ten-thousandth of an inch can make a difference.

Consumables harness the tremendous heat and power of the plasma cutting process. If a critical dimension is off by even one ten-thousandth of an inch (0.0025 mm), the results can be dramatic. Here are just a few examples of how poorly dimensioned parts may lead to problems:

Cut quality. Poor concentricity - imprecise alignment of the nozzle and cathode inside the torch - may produce cut-angle variability requiring time-consuming manual re-work and finishing that reduces productivity. The trend in today's fabricating is to specify closer tolerances around cut parts. Cut-angle variability translates into reduced part tolerances. A further effect of poor concentricity is accelerated nozzle wear due to the improperly aligned arc.

Consumable life. Proper swaging of the insert in the cathode is critical. An improper swage creates spaces between the insert and the cooling surface.. These gaps reduce heat transfer, resulting in severe erosion and significantly shorter cathode life (See the cathode comparison, below). Any savings resulting from using cheaper parts that wear out faster are far outweighed by increased downtime from more frequent replacement and the re-working mentioned above.

System failure. Improperly dimensioned parts can damage torches. A mistake in the cooling channel inside an cathode can create an overheating situation. Even a simple thing like poor threading can disable a torch.

Advantages of YellowXLife™

During all tests of YellowXLife™ cathodes not even one cathode has been destroyed. Subsequently reduces additional endangerment to other consumables as well as fewer torch repairs.
  • 10% higher cutting speeds.

  • 50% less gas consumption..

  • 20% longer lifetime of consumables.

QualityThe Kjellberg cathode on the left shows a well-centred pit after 1100 ignitions and will deliver many more starts. While the non-genuine part below has an insufficient fit on the cathode insert and must be replaced.
YellowLife Quality

Kjellberg quality assurance

Every genuine Kjellberg part is etched with the Kjellberg logo and the item code. Look for it to make sure you are using genuine parts for your Kjellberg cutting system.

The true costs of cutting.
Labour and overhead are by far the largest cost component of cutting metal, as shown in the chart (right). Consumables only account for about 10% of the cost associated with labour and overhead. This means that if you can cut re-work and downtime by just 5% by using superior consumables, it is equivalent to cutting consumable costs by 50%.
Cost Chart.
Don't settle for imitation.
Rely on the innovation of genuine Kjellberg consumables and get all the performance you paid for. The Kjellberg parts specifically designed and manufactured for your system are your best guarantee of enjoying the lowest possible cutting costs, highest quality and maximum productivity.