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85th anniversary of Kjellberg Finsterwalde

(Article courtesy of Kjellberg Finsterwald)

140 guests accepted the invitation to Finsterwalde and experienced the premiere of the plasma cutting unit HiFocus 440i.

For 85 years the name Kjellberg Finsterwalde has stood for products all around the field of welding and since almost 50 years of plasma cutting. This anniversary was an excellent reason to invite business partners in order to thank them and to give the latest news. Hence, 140 guests coming from 21 countries could be welcomed to the commemorative event. Many of them have been longtime partners having supported us and grown with us. And the guests came to Finsterwalde having been curious as besides lectures, demonstrations and plant visits the presentation of a new product was announced, too.

This secret - the new plasma cutting unit HiFocus 440i - was disclosed in the morning of the 21st September with enthusiastic applause. With a maximum cutting current of 440 A at 100% on-time it is the most efficient and flexible unit for definition plasma cutting and marking. Cutting from 0.5 to 100 mm in excellent quality is possible. Another advantage is the high cutting speed which amounts for example at 70 mm CrNi steel to 400 mm/min and contributes therefore to a further increase in productivity and with that to a cost reduction.

Such outstanding engineering performances characterise the 85-year history of the enterprise. This also emphasised Dr. Norbert Pietsch, chairman of board of the Kjellberg foundation, in his lecture. He described milestones which were completely put by Kjellberg Finsterwalde according to the motto "innovation from tradition".

All started with the production of welding electrodes and the production of welding sources and machines in 1922. Kjellberg Finsterwalde was world market leader in the production of arc welding technology in the thirties of the last century. One of the power sources was modified for the purpose of plasma cutting in the beginning of sixties and justified the introduction of this technology in many fields of the metalworking industry. The institute of the Dresden scientist Manfred von Ardenne had developed the corresponding torches. From now on the enterprise has provided technology both for joining and separating. The Finsterwalde people made a decision of consequences at the end of the nineties. Research and development have been focused on the plasma cutting in order to protect the company. And the result is the HiFocus technology enabling the plasma cutting to obtain completely new application fields of today’s industry.

The close cooperation with research institutes and universities has been an important prerequisite for this successful development work in the enterprise for many years. One of the partners is Professor Friedrich Wilhelm Bach of the Leibniz University of Hanover. His special lecture illustrated that plasma cutting is only one of many possible separating methods which are in competition with each other. He embraced the processes from punching about thermal separating methods up to the contact-arc-metal-cutting. Methods of plasma cutting which had also been rediscovered and refined by Kjellberg Finsterwalde were also mentioned. They are for example suitable for separating technical textiles, different thermoplastics and fibre composite materials or are applied on deconstructing metals with great air-gap, glass, ceramic and building-materials as well as combinations of these materials.

Dr. Jörg Müglitz, a user of plasma cutting technology impressed the audience with his competence at the cutting of complex tube constructions which are prepared by plasma cutting and marking for the welding process. Peaked plasma cutting torches made in Finsterwalde as well as the power sources are particularly an important prerequisite for the putting into action of a computer-aided quality cut. The three-dimensional cutting with robots at atmosphere and under water was demonstrated in the lab of the enterprise.

Particularly special attention of all guests was drawn to the demonstration of the effortful series of tests for the development of the new consumable part generation YellowXLife™. The result is the extremely important longevity of the cathodes with regard to process reliability and cost reduction. It was not only improved in comparison to the forerunner system, but up to 100% more ignitions could also be reached compared to tested copies.

This event was a good opportunity to give a forecast of the further enterprise development besides the historical retrospect and the presentation of novelties. Already this year extensive building measures will start. The production centre of machines will be modernized and extended, a new customer centre will be built and the construction of a new manufacturing facility of electrodes has been started in the neighbouring town Massen.

With this event Kjellberg Finsterwalde has recommended itself as a competent partner to the manufacturers of cutting systems and robots again. New knowledge supporting numerous guests when solving the various problem definitions in the industry was imparted in a warm atmosphere.