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Kjellberg - 20 Million Euro Investment Program

(Article courtesy of Kjellberg Finsterwald)

An extensive programme of rationalisation and expansion investments by the Kjellberg foundation as a shareholder of Kjellberg Finsterwalde. The available production plants of Kjellberg Finsterwalde, producer of plasma technology, welding engineering and electrodes, do not suffice for the expected increase in sales and the almost doubled number of employees any more.

This year, the enterprise can look back on an 85-year history. It is marked by a tradition of constant innovation. Milestones like the realisation of the patent for coated welding electrodes of the Swede Oscar Kjellberg, the development to the biggest manufacturer of arc welding engineering in the middle of the last century and the invention of the plasma cutting with the Institute of the inventor Manfred von Ardenne indicate this way.

In the year 2000 the HiFocus technology of Kjellberg Finsterwalde revolutionized the plasma cutting, increased the international competitiveness of the enterprise and has been contributed fundamentally to a stable annual increase in sales from 20 to 25% since that time. Kjellberg Finsterwalde obtained an overall turnover amounting to 10 million euros in 2000, in the year 2004 already the double thereof. And this year the amount of almost 40 million euros is expected. A great leap forward which is not absolutely typical for enterprises in the south of Brandenburg.

However, in Finsterwalde importance was always attached to a strong development department and the cooperation with various research facilities, also during the nineties which often were problematical for companies in the Eastern Germany. That way Kjellberg Finsterwalde created the base for a development of a manufacturer of mass-produced articles to a supplier of high-technology. The success confirms that the taken way is the right one. But now, the growth stumbles on limits which only can be overcome by extensive construction and expansion actions.

The available company area in the street Leipziger Straße does neither allow a spacious nor an area-like expansion of the three business fields plasma technology, welding and consumable protection systems as well as electrodes. Extensive civil works are foreseen besides replacement investments. At present, for the production of electrodes a new factory is planned in the neighbouring Massen. For this reason, the requirements are fulfilled for an expansion of the production of special electrodes for welding of high-alloyed and special steel. At the same time the installation and putting into operation of a production plant for low alloyed electrodes in the Romanian Ploiesti is carried out to ease the operation of Kjellberg Finsterwalde and improve the cost structure.

In addition, the released electrode production hall will be available after extensive reconstruction to the field of plasma technology. At present, this division is planning a representative administrative building besides a greater development centre with visitor centre and a modern exhibition and test field. However, in a better technological equipment of the production as well as the expansion of the test capacities will also be invested.

In the meanwhile, an available industrial hall has been rented with approx. 4000 sqm for the expansion of the production in the industrial area Massen.

The welding technology department is in great changes, too. Thus, the construction of a branch with regard to research, development and sales in Witten not far from Dortmund is proceeding. In particular, technologies of high performance welding and consumable protection systems will be developed here in future.

All things considered, Kjellberg Finsterwalde has bundled a whole package of actions do be done contributing to the improvement of working conditions of the employees as well as to the efficiency and transparency of processes and that will create an important base for the future development.