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Kjellberg - Longer Plasma Cutting with YellowXLifeTM

New Kjellberg consumable part system extends life time considerably and reduces set-up time and operation costs.

At the end of March 2007 Kjellberg Finsterwalde introduced the new consumable part system YellowXLifeTM This system will increase the life time by about 50%, compared with the earlier system. Extensive investigations and an innovative production process produce perfect cutting quality.

Also in connection with the now lower sales prices for the new consumable part system the cutting costs per meter will drop significantly.

At first the cathodes of the HiFocus 160i will be replaced by the new system. Then in the next months all other HiFocus and FineFocus systems will be furnished with the new consumables. The new system is marked by a yellow O-ring or, if not possible, by a melon-yellow identification mark. The name YellowXLifeTM is protected and an indication for the user that genuine consumables are used.