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Modern Cutting Technology in Magdeburg: Environmentally Friendly Plasma Cutting

This cutting process facilitates the production of highly accurate components from steel and aluminium because of its high cutting speeds with resultant low heating of the material being cut. This increased accuracy compared to conventional gas flame flame cutting satisfies the increasing demands of many users from the metalworking industry.

Also the residents and workers in this Industrial region of Magdeburg-Rothensee, which was subjected to heavy pollution before Reunification, profit from the modern technology as the toxic dust produced during plasma and flame cutting is extracted and filtered out of the air. Emission levels are thus kept well below the regulated limits.

The CNC machine gets all the information it needs for operation from a powerful PC control. The operator can carry out all necessary control steps comfortably on the touch screen. While the machine is working the computer intelligence monitors the system, the status of various consumables and the necessary cutting time. This data is used by Interfer Stahl afterwards for calculation and future planning.

As many clients still require gas flame cut components, the new machine is equipped with the Messer Cutting Systems patented ALFA torches and a revolutionary sensing system.

With this investment KNAUF INTERFER AG makes it clear that the company location in Magdeburg is important for the long term and will become increasingly significant.

Magdeburg - Plasma Cutting