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Improved Precision and Efficiency with the Revolutionary New Gas Flame Cutting Torch "ALFA"

Exactly 100 years after the development of the World's first gas flame cutting torch, Messer Cutting Systems, Groß-Umstadt, is presenting a completely new generation of gas flame cutting torches.

The new ALFA torch is extremely insensitive to external influences, thus making especially precise and effective work possible.ALFA Torch

A magnetic height control is integrated directly into the torch so that the conventional sensing ring is no longer required and thus does not need to be changed for different applications.

As there are neither sensing rings nor cables any more these consumables vanish. This saves time and money. As the system can sense right up to the very edge of the plate, material can be used optimally, reducing waste.

Environmental influences such as slag and mill scale, moisture or heat no longer exert negative influences on the sensing which means that man-less operation is for the first time a practical possibility. The nozzles can be changed simply and fast without any tools just by unscrewing the cap by hand. The risk of misaligning the torch when changing nozzles is thus eliminated.

Exactly 100 years ago, in 1904, the engineer Ernst Wiss from the company "Chemischen Fabrik Griesheim Elektron AG", a predecessor of Messer Cutting & Welding, succeeded in a revolutionary invention: he developed the first ever Hydrogen/Oxygen cutting torch. This device, which has been systematically refined over the decades, has long been the standard for further torch development. However the ALFA torch, based on this experience, represents a completely new level in torch technology.