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Global Control - The New Intelligence in Automatic Plasma and Gas Flame Cutting

Messer Cutting Systems, Germany, working with its centres of excellence in the USA and Asia has developed a completely new generation of cutting system controls - Global Control.

This new development with an operator interface based on Microsoft.NET technology is claimed to be the most modern and flexible control for all plasma and gas flame cutting and marking centres. Global Control

Global Control has an intuitive operator support optimised to match the machine equipment. This makes extremely short learning times for the operators possible and minimises the risk of mistakes. To set up the machine, the operator merely selects the cutting programme and material parameters - all the rest is done fully automatically by the Global Control. A preinstalled cutting database covers all normal requirements and serves as an operating handbook for the user. The current process is clearly shown by a status display. Consumables are shown in the cutting database photographically in colour which saves the tedious search in cutting tables. Positioning is done quickly and easily with a joystick.

Global Control is completely network capable and prepared for Internet so it fulfils the prerequisites for remote polling and diagnostics. The contour description is made in DIN (depending on the cutting application, input in EIA or ESSI possible). Especially fast reaction times and flexibility is enabled by the central CNC computer, equipped with an integrated PLC. A Light-BUS system and modular software design ensure simple retrofitting of the cutting system control, if required later.

A three tier database allows the development of your own expert system without the risk of data loss. Dynamic speed control optimises the cutting results and thus increases reproducibility and economy